AlertSite Console Dashboard Updates

The first phase of Dashboard modernization was completed on 20-March-2012, with several under-the-hood changes resulting in a new look. The following improvements and changes are included:

  • Optimized for speed and reduced memory consumption
  • Wider grids in Devices tabs for better visibility
  • More vibrant color scheme
  • Rows are highlighted during scroll-through so you can see exactly where you are in the grid
  • Last selected row indicated with cream-colored background
  • Support for mobile devices through the browser
  • Context-specific Preferences dialog added in individual tabs to replace the Preferences tab
  • Tab Preferences dialog remains visible until saved
  • Saving Preferences automatically reloads the Dashboard to reflect the changes
  • No need to enter ‘?’ in subaccount search box
  • Status Duration column removed
  • Back navigation arrow returns to the last dashboard tab instead of the devices tab
  • Informational messages placed in tabs (Security Devices, ServerAgents, Load Tests) that have not yet been populated.

More enhancements will be phased in over time to continue making the interface as user-friendly as possible.

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