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The Bulk Settings interface provides a mechanism to apply Device Blackouts or SLA Settings to one or more devices (sites, servers or transactions) simultaneously. You configure the following elements of each type of setting:

  • Device Blackouts - Persistent or One-time Blackouts.
  • SLA Settings - Service Level Objectives, Operating Periods, and One-Time Exclusion Periods.

Note that only devices with SLA Objectives already configured will be available for the SLA Settings type.

To get started, select Bulk Settings from the Configuration dropdown in the Control Menu. This displays the Configuration: Bulk Settings screen:


This tutorial will illustrate how to configure Device Blackouts for a subset of devices and how to apply SLA Objectives to other SLA devices.

Device Blackouts

In Configuration: Bulk Settings, select Device Blackouts from the Setting Types dropdown to display the page with blackout type choices, Persistent Blackouts or One-Time Blackouts, along with the steps needed to complete the process.


For our example, we will apply Persistent Blackouts to our devices.

  • Select Persistent Blackouts by checking the appropriate box.
    • Enter the blackout type period by selecting the Day and time (in 12-hour HH:MM format) for the start and end time of the blackout. Click Add Row to add more time periods.
    • Click the radio button to disable monitoring or disable notifications for the blackout periods. Note that disabling monitoring also disables notifications.
  • Next, choose a device to use as a template. Only devices that already have blackouts configured will be displayed here. Otherwise, it will display No device templates found.
  • Now select the device or devices you want to apply the blackout settings to. Click on one device in the list, <CTRL>-Click to select multiple devices, or click Select All to select all your devices.
  • Click Submit


A warning dialog box will be displayed to let you know you will be overwriting any existing settings. Click OK to accept, then OK in the confirmation dialog that is displayed next.

In our example, we have selected to disable notifications for 3 devices on weekends and from 8 PM to 10 PM on Wednesdays. Now, these 3 devices will appear in the templates list the next time you enter Configuration: Bulk Settings:


Subsequently, if you want to apply the same blackouts to additional devices:

  • Select one of the devices on the template list.
  • Check the box for the blackout type (you can choose to make changes to this template for the additional devices at this time).
  • Choose the additional devices to apply those blackouts to.
  • Click Submit.

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The AlertSite Console displays a "clock" icon in the Status: All Devices, Configuration: Sites, and Configuration: Transactions screens to indicate devices configured with blackouts. For example:


This allows the user to know - at a glance - what devices have blackouts set. Clicking on the blackout icon displays the Monitor Blackouts screen with the current blackout settings:

Chrome_bo_icon.PNG Chrome_bo_screen.PNG

Changes can be made to the date or time, and rows can be added or deleted, right in the Monitor Blackouts screen as needed for the individual device.

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SLA Settings

In our demonstration account, there are 3 devices configured with SLA Objectives, each having different Availability, Uptime, and Response Time settings:


These devices also have different Operating Periods.

To apply the same SLA Objectives as one existing SLA device to other SLA devices, navigate to ConfigurationBulk Settings in the Control Menu and select SLA Settings from the Setting Type dropdown:


The righthand side of the Bulk Setting page will display Service Level Objectives, Operating Periods, and One-Time Exclusions Periods setting that are relevant to SLA:


  • Select one of the devices on the template list.
  • Check the boxes for Service Level Objectives, Operating Periods, and/or One-Time Exclusions Periods that you want to apply. You will see that the settings are pre-populated with the values of the template device (you can choose to make changes to this template for the additional devices at this time).
  • Click on the devices in the list in the lower left, <CTRL>-click to select multiple devices, to apply the template SLA settings to.
  • Click Submit.


Click OK when the warning dialog is displayed, and OK in the confirmation box. The SLA settings and Operating Periods of the selected devices will now match those of the template device:


You can still go into each individual device's SLA Manager page from the ConfigurationSLA Objectives screen and modify any of the settings as needed.

For more complete information on SLA configuration, please go to SLA Management.

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