AlertSite Business Benchmarks

Business Benchmarks is an optional product that can be used to compare your website performance to competitor sites and industry averages, or to compare your website performance to particular companies of interest in the following industries:

  • Blogging Platforms
  • Cell Phone Carriers
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Job Boards
  • Luxury Automotive
  • Luxury Retail
  • Online Aggregators
  • Retail Top 50
  • Shortening Tools
  • Social Couponing
  • Social Networking
  • Technology
  • Top 25 US Sites

Report Generation

Business Benchmark reports are selected from the Reports section of your console:


Customers with a Business Benchmarks service plan have the option of two different types of reports:

  • Business Benchmarks V1.0: Run a detail report comparing up to 8 devices (individual devices + benchmark sites for a specific market index)
  • Business Benchmarks V2.0: Display graphs an trend analysis for up to 5 of your devices against a select group of sites within a market index

Customers without a Business Benchmarks plan have access to Business Benchmarks V2.0 with a limited set of criteria.

The two report types are described below:

Business Benchmarks V1.0

This report displays graphs and network timings similar to the Detail Report, but includes data from a total of up to 8 devices, which can be any combination of your own sites along with benchmark sites from selected industries.

From the Business Benchmarks Report V1.0 page, you can select:

  • Your AlertSite devices
  • The Market Index of websites to compare with
  • Benchmark Sites, which reflect the selected Market Index
  • Report Type:
    • Detail Report
    • Hourly Summary Report
    • Daily Summary Report
  • Display elements to include in the report
  • Monitoring Locations (selection depends on devices chosen in Site/Device)
  • Discrete date range (Yesterday is the most recent selectable date) or specific date range using the calendar widget


Depending on what you selected for Market Index, a different list of companies will be presented in the Benchmarks Sites dropdown. For example, if you wanted to compare just to the Financial Services industry, select Financial Services from the Business Type dropdown for companies specific to that industry, or Technology for a list of high tech companies to compare to. To illustrate:

Financial_Services_list.png Technology_list.png

Here's an example of a report comparing four of our sites — Amazon site, CNN - Droid Mobile, Home Page IE, and Mobile MSNBC &em; with 3 benchmark sites from the Blogging Platform index — Blogger, Posterous, and SquareSpace:


If you selected Report Details in the Include list, the report would show all the network timing components (as well as DOM Load and Page Load for your applicable devices), for that date range.

Business Benchmarks V2.0

Customers with the Business Benchmark service plan can also compare their selected devices with the benchmark sites within a specific market index in terms of Response Time, Availability, Trend Analysis, and Stability (standard deviation from a previous set of data). The configuration page appears as follows:


Customers without the Business Benchmark plan can do a similar comparison with a limited set of criteria that includes the Top 25 US Sites, Graphs and Trends, and the date range of Last Week (Monday through Sunday).

This is what the V2.0 report looks like comparing 3 of our sites (bold font) with the Online Aggregators market index for last week, and including graphs, trends, and stability:


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