soapUI Test On Demand Results

The soapUI Test On Demand feature allows users to verify a soapUI TestCase on a remote server right from the user interface. This gives soapUI users a quick and easy way to check the performance of a TestCase before deployment.

After you have run Test On Demand from the tab in the soapUI TestCase and your results are ready to view, click the View test results button. The report displayed will contain several fields with helpful information and a breakdown of the Response Time components:


These fields are described as follows:

Column Heading Description
Step Description Name of the TestCase action taken
Access Method How the action was performed (e.g., POST)
Time Stamp Date/Time the test was run
Status Error code returned (0 = no error)
Relative Start Time Number of seconds from beginning of test that this step started
Response Time Total response time for this step to complete
DNS Time Number of seconds for domain name lookup
Connect Time Number of seconds to connect to the server
Redirect Time Number of seconds for HTTP redirection
First Byte Number of seconds for the first byte of the HTTP code to be detected
Content Download Number of seconds for the content to load
HTTP Status Returned HTTP status

For more information about soapUI, go to SmartBear Software's soapUI Pro API Testing.

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