tip This documentation is for the old interface of AlertSite. If you use the new interface (AlertSite UXM), please see Subaccounts.


For some situations, a company may want to have several accounts, each with its own set of devices, users, notifiers, etc., but still be part of an account family. For this structure, the main account is configured as a Corporate account, and accounts that are subordinate to the master account are called Subaccounts.

Visibility into the subaccounts is allowed for master account users, but not for subaccount users. That is, a login into a master account can see all the master's subaccounts, but users with a login to a subaccount do not have the ability to switch to the master account or other subaccounts.

When logged in to the master account, the Account dropdown will display Switch Account as the first menu item. Hovering over Switch Account will bring up a dropdown with the list of subaccounts. Simply mouse-over the subaccount to switch to (it will be highlighted in green), then click.


You'll immediately switch to that account into the screen you were on in the master account, or to the Dashboard, depending on what screen you were on. For example, if you were in the Configure Notifiers screen in the master account when you switched to a subaccount, you'll be in the Configure Notifier screen for that subaccount. However, if you were in the Manage Notifier screen for a specific notifier when you switched, you'll be directed to the Dashboard. That's because that specific notifier is not in the account you switched to.

Dashboard Visibility

Users can configure the Dashboard to display subaccount devices and notifications:

  • Click the Tab Preferences button located on the right above the device grid in the Devices tab
  • In the section Display devices/notifications from Sub Accounts, click the down arrow next to View Sub Account(s)
  • Check the boxes to select the subaccounts to display in the Dashboard, or click the Check All link to select all
  • Click Save to submit the changes and the Dashboard will refresh with all selected subaccounts

Account holders who want to set up subaccounts can contact their Sales Representative. The Sales Rep contact information is located in SupportAlertSite Contact in the AlertSite Console.

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